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Last updated 12 October 2018
News, 23 December 2007
Merry Christmas!


I wish all my friends and visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008!

Christmas Greetings from May-Song


2007 has been a fabelous year for May-Song:

* Ch Wanted Inner Peace has gained the titles Swedish Champion, Nordic Champion and International Champion. Seidi has won 7xBOB, 1xBOS, BB2 at NW show, BB3 at Lowchen Club Show, 2xBOS 1 cacib in Sweden. Top Winning Lowchen female in Norway (not yet confirmed).

* Ch May-Song Bene Mèritus has gained the title Swedish Champion. He won BOB and cacib at NKK Int show in Bergen. Best Head&Expression at Sw Club Show

* Ch Bitteliten Emblem has gained the title Danish Champion. She won BOS and cacib at DKK Int show in Herning. BOS and cacib at NKK Int show in Bergen. BIS3 at NMK Open show.

* May-Song litter from Jolie arrived! Only one puppy...but more than grateful this was a female! She got the name May-Song C Milla Magia. Magia has won 3xBOB Puppy, BIG4, BIS2 Puppy at NMK Open Show.

* Ch May-Song Bona Fide became Norwegian Champion, owner Brigitte Jarnskjold

News, 04 December 2007
NMK Open Show, Figgjo 1.12.2007



What a great ending of the show year 2007!
May-Song C Milla Magia - BOB Puppy and BIS Puppy 2!!
Ch Bitteliten Emblem - BOB and BIS 3!!!

Results from the Norwegian Toy Dog Club Rogaland's open show:
Judge Mrs Sue Terry (Shimeesha) from England.
5 entries of Löwchens incl. 3 puppies.

May-Song C Milla Magia - BOB Puppy, Best In Show Puppy 2
Wanted Deeper Vision - 2nd in class 4-6 months
Portinbo's Leo The Dancing Lion - BOS Puppy (owner Nina Kjærgård)
Ch Bitteliten Emblem - BOB, Best In Show 3
Ch Cossu's Danny de Vito May Song - BOS

Photos by Nina Kjærgård

News, 26 November 2007
Int show Norw Winner, Hamar 23.11.2007


Ch Wanted Inner Peace - 2nd Best female, res-cacib
Ch May-Song Bene Méritus - 2nd Championclass male, ck
Judge Arne Foss, 20 entries

Nat show Fitjar Stord 11.11.2007

Ch Wanted Inner Peace - BOB. Judge Göran Bodegård
May-Song C Milla Magia - BOB Puppy. Judge Christen Lang

News, 06 November 2007
Happy Day in Herning 4.11.2007!


N Ch Bitteliten Emblem "Brick" won CC, Cacib and BOS at DKK Int show in Herning and gained the title Danish Champion!

N & S Ch May-Song Bene Méritus "Romeo" became 2nd Best male and got the res-cacib, after the Swedish guest Ch Blue Heaven's Escada who took the BOB.
Judge Mona Selbach, 13 entries incl. 2 puppies.
Photo by Owe Wiman.

News, 29 October 2007
NKK Puppy show, Orre 21.10.2007



Nice debut for Magia: My own bred puppy May-Song C Milla Magia won BOB and BIG 4 - 4 months old!

Magia's kennelmate "Mensa" Wanted Deeper Vision became 2nd after Magia in the class 4-6 months. Judge in the breed and group was Christen Lang.

News, 22 October 2007
New May-Song Champion!


May-Song Bona Fide "Nala" won 2nd Best female, CC, res-cacib and became Norwegian Champion at NKK Int show in Kongsvinger 6.10.2007.

Judge Ligita Zake, entries 1+3.
Big congratulations, Brigitte! Well done!

News, 17 September 2007
New Int Champion!!!


Nord Ch Wanted Inner Peace “Seidi” won BOS and cacib and became International champion at NKK Int show in Orre 9.9.2007

This was a great happening even for the breeder Jari – visiting us and being there at this show! 
Judge Annamaria Tarjan, entries 1+3.

On his trip to Sandnes Jari brought a 3 months old lovely female puppy called Mensa. Her real name is Wanted Deeper Vision. Welcome to May-Song, dear Mensa!

News, 27 June 2007
Puppies are born!

Jolie got one female puppy black/silver 11th of June. Another litter 
has come into the world at kennel Portinbo  - the result from Ch May-Song Bene Mèritus "Romeo's" visit by Ch Chix Choix Nom De Dieux "Tara".
Congratulations, Barbro!

News, 07 June 2007
Expecting puppies!
Bumir Très Jolie "Jolie" is mated with Cossu's Gary Glitter "Gary".
She is due to whelp in week 24.  Jolie is sending her warm greetings to everyone who has
contributed to this!

Thanks for all help!


News, 01 June 2007
Welcome to May-Song`s website!

YIPPI!!! Finally I'm out! I am proudly introducing my own homepage, designed by my brother PerKristian - THANK YOU! All pages are not ready yet - they are coming soon. First step was the main page.

Keep in touch!

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