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Last updated 12 October 2018
News, 23 December 2008
Merry Christmas!

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Löwchen Year!
Take Good Care!


News, 01 December 2008
NKK Vestfold Puppy show 30.11.2008

May-Song De Integro "Bobby", owner Karianne Dahl Lied, won BOS.





Judge Linda Kjeksrud, 1+1 entries. Well, you surprised me, Karianne, for beeing that soon in the ring again! Congrats for doing it a bit better this time!

The first weekend in November Karianne and Bobby participated in a show & handler course by NMHK Lhasa apso in Sandefjord to learn how it works and how to do in the ring. Here are some photos taken by Arnstein Øverland Sanne.

News, 01 December 2008
NMHK Rogaland Open Show 29.11.2008

Int Nord Ch Wanted Inner Peace won BOB, her daughter May-Song Da Mi Basia Mille won BOB Puppy and BIS #2!




Exit's brother May-Song Delineavit, owner Berit Sjøholt, became BOS. Judge Morten Sterri. Photos by Jan Arne Sjøholt.

Another wonderful show end of the year! Thank you everyone for making the year so great for me, not only for the good results, but for all the nice time by the ring with other löwchen exhibitors as well! See you all next year and take good care!

News, 30 November 2008
Int NW show Hamar 23.11.2008

Int Nord Ch Wanted Inner Peace "Seidi" BB4, Wanted Deeper Vision "Mensa" 1/1 ck.

Judge was breed specialist Sonja Björklund (Bumir), 13 entries.

Seidi's sister and Mensa's mother Wanted Inner Voice won BOB and the title Norwegian Winner. Congratulations, Jari! Also huge congrats for Seela's 2 Best in Shows at NMHK's show in September and SDHK's show in October!!! Something to be really proud of!

The evening before the NW show, I had a nice visit to Line and May-Song Desiderium "Mocca", living in a flat in Oslo not far away from my brother. Very good to see you both again! This was our first meeting after the delivering of the puppy in the end of May. Now Mocca has been a big girl!



News, 13 November 2008
Nat show Stord 8.11.2008

Wanted Deeper Vision "Mensa" won cc and BOS,
May-Song Da Mi Basia Mille "Exit" won BOB Puppy and BIG 3!




This time 3 puppies from my breeding were entered. May-Song De Novo "Rufus" became BOS in his first show and his brother May-Song Delineavit "Disco" was 2nd male 6-9 months.
Judge Per-Erik Wallin, 2+1 entries. Group judge Anne-Mari Haugsten.

Portinbo's Leo The Dancing Lion won BOB and cc - congratulations Nina!
Judge Anne-Mari Haugsten, 1+2 entries.
We all enjoyed this day!

The day after, at Kongsberg Nat. show, another boy from the same litter was in the ring. May-Song De Integro "Bobby" became 2nd male puppy 6-9 months (2+0 entries).
This was first show for both dog and owner. Well done Karianne - hope to see you in the ring soon again!

News, 02 November 2008
NKK Rogaland Puppy show, Orre 19.10.2008

BOB puppy: May-Song Delineavit


Disco's first show. Judge Ingrid Rytz Ohm , class male 6-9 months (1+1 entries, 1 abs.) Owner Berit Sjøholt.

News, 17 September 2008
NKK Orre 13.9.2008

May-Song C Milla Magia won BOB, cc and her first cacib 15 months old.


Entries 1+2, Judge Åke Cronander.

News, 17 September 2008
Kristiansand shows 23-24.8.2008

Saturday: May-Song Excelsior BOB Puppy (photo)
Sunday: May-Song Da Mi Basia Mille BOB Puppy


23.8.2008 Wanted Deeper Vision 1/1, judge Leif Lehmann Jørgensen

News, 09 July 2008
WW Show in Stockholm 4.7.2008

Great day for me and my 2 junior girls!
Wanted Deeper Vision became Junior World Winner!!!
May-Song C Milla Magia placed second!


In a big class of 12 junior bitches my girls won a double beeing #1 and #2!
I am so proud of you both, Mensa and Magia!
Judge Elsebeth Clerk
Photo by Karen Wagenaar

The day before SLC had it's Club show with over 60 entries. Judge Barbara Wood.
Wanted Deeper Vision also won this Junior class (of 6), which she did at the Norwegian Club show in June as well!

Thank you very much Jari for the good help with Mensa in the ring - well done!!!

News, 07 June 2008
Happy Birthday, Honta!

My Lhasa Apso Mia's Phocahonta - "Honta" is 12 years old today 07.06.2008.

News, 28 May 2008
2 x BOB in Haugesund Nat. shows 24.-25.5.2008

Saturday 24.5.: Wanted Deeper Vision: BOB - CC!
Sunday 25.5.: May-Song C Milla Magia: BOB - CC!




4 (2+2) entries both days. Judges John Muldoon & Birte Scheel.
Portinbo's Leo The Dancing Lion (Romeo son) BOS - CC both days, owner Nina Kjærgård (Yippy!)

News, 13 May 2008
20 Years with Lhasa Apsos!

I got my first Lhasa Apso 10th of May 1988 - my puppy called Delphi (Mia's Philadelfia). Today in 2008 I have her grand-grand daughter Honta (Mia's Phocahonta) soon 12 years old.


I don't show or breed Lhasas anymore - but I'm still an owner of one.

News, 23 March 2008
Easter Puppies are born!

Seidi's litter was born 18.3 - 3 boys & 2 girls.
Brick's litter arrived 20.3 - 1 big boy & 2 girls.


For further information - see my puppy page!

News, 16 March 2008
Happy Easter!

NMK show Figgjo 15.3.2008 (0+1):
May-Song C Milla Magia won her first CC and became BOB.

This was Magia 's first show as junior - only 9 months and 3 days old.
Judge Johan J Juslin, Finland. She was also shortlistet in group.

News, 15 February 2008
Great Weekend in ├ślen 9-10.2.2008

May-Song C Milla Magia won Best of Breed Puppy - Best in Group and Best in Show #4 Puppy!!!


Ølen Nat show 9.-10.02.08
May-Song C Milla Magia - Puppy class 6-9 months, BOB Puppy & BIG, and the day after placed Best in Show #4!
Portinbo's Leo The Dancing Lion, BOS Puppy, owner Nina Kjærgård.
Judge Elsbeth Clerc, Group judge Gert Christensen, BIS judge Andrew Brace.

News, 24 January 2008
New year - New opportunities!


Seidi is mated to Columbus and Brick is mated to Sampo. Check out my puppy page for further information.

Thank you Sonja and Helena, Dennis and Jari for all help with the matings of these exciting combinations!

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