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Last updated 12 October 2018
Photos of May-Song Puppy Plan 2015

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General Information:

All dogs used in my breeding will normally be eye tested (PRA, Cataract) and knee/patella tested, which are recommended basic rules for the breed in NMHK, The Norwegian Toy Dog Club.

Puppies will be socialised as good as possible.

Puppies ready for delivering - about 9 weeks old - are dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped and clinical excaminated by vet (health certificate). They are also pre-registered in NKK. May-Song folder with documents and breed info.

To new owners puppies will be delivered with some equipments:
Collar and leader, food- and water bowls, blanket, a couple of toys, comb and brush, shampoo, 3 kg pet food and some biscuits/chewing bones.

I do not sell any dog to live in kennel surroundings. I want the dog to be a part of the family, living in the home as a companion whether it is a showdog or a pet.

I do not accept dogs from me to be used in some kind of mixed breeding.

For further information, price or reservation, please contact me.

"Loving people have loving puppies.
But most of all loving puppies derserve loving people."
- Crystal Kay

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