My name is May Cathrine Bö and I am born in 1966. I am educated and working as an engineer in a
consulting company, where I'm drawing and design calculating concrete and steel constructions
in buildings. In addition to having and showing dogs I have been activ in some dogclub committees
through many years.

I grew up with cats. My interest for dogs startet when I was about 8-9 years old. My mother read a book
for me from her own childhood, "Lassie Come-Home" by Eric Knight. The story was breathtaking and impressed me a lot. I started to believe in dogs, and wished of all my heart my own companion.
In a newsweek I felt in love with a picture of a papillon. I would prefer a bigger dog, but our small
garden was not made for that, my mother said. When I was 12 years old my parents couldn't resist me anymore, and in the summerholiday I got my first dog, a very cute white and red papillon female puppy called "Dimsie" (Didi de la Wilsjunie). Shortly after I found an advertisement in the newspaper for a puppyshow in the town, and I begged my father to go there and have a look. He persuaded me to enter
my dog, but Dimsie refused to go and show herself like the other dogs, she screamed and didn't like
it at all! However, I had never been to a dogshow before and realised - wow - this is exactly my kind of "passion"! I also realised that I had to wish for another dog, a show dog, as Dimsie unfortunately was
not of show quality and remained her pet status.

I became a member of the Norwegian Toy Dog Club and was soon dreaming of having my own kennel and breeding. In 1984 I decided to go for Tibetan Terrier and Lhasa Apso. In 1987 I moved to Fredrikstad in the south-east of Norway, the big Lhasa Apso area, and then, after years of patience I finally bought my first show dog, Mia's Philadelfia - "Delphie". She became Norwegian Champion and dam of my very first litter in 1991. My kennel prefix May-Song was registered in 1990. Out of that litter of 6 puppies was
Int Nord Fin Ch NW94 May-Song Ami-Tabha, top winning Lhasa Apso in 1994. I also would like to give a warm tribute to May-Song Amogha-Siddhi - "Truls", who left us in 2008 in an age of 17 1/2 years. He had never been in a showring, but the owners were allways saying he was "The Best Dog of The World"!

Indeed, due to different reasons it took 9 years until next litter. In the meantime I started to look for an-
other breed, since the Lhasa's needed a lot of grooming and to be fullcoated for showing, and I would
prefer something easier to have for dogwalkings. First time I met a Löwchen was at a toydog show in 1986. During my 3 years in Fredrikstad I met several Löwchens, and little by little I felt in love with the
breed. I never got any Tibetan Terrier, and in the end of the 90'ies I got new interest for the Little Lion Dog. In 2001 I bought my first Löwchen, Melfield Iolanthe - "Yum-Yum" from England, and I got my first
Löwchen litter in 2003.

Löwchen has completely taken my heart and fits me perfectly. Today I know that this was the (unknown) breed I was looking for in the beginning of the 80'ies but never found as they were never mentioned in the dogbooks I bought or borrowed at the library at that time. The breed has so many elements I like: Toydog, ideal size, elegant, normally and sound built without any exaggerations but still special due to the naked butt, which is cleanly too, adequate amount of coat and grooming, all colours, not sheding, nice head and expression, happy outgoing character, charming, sporty, quick to learn - a true companion with great personality!

My primary breeding focus is on type, health and temperament. Besides I think it's very important to use different stud dogs and bloodlines to obtain genetic variation and avoid too much inbreeding. Even I am glad this breed is not super popular, I think the small population of Löwchens in the Scandinavian is a
real challenge for the breeders; to make good combinations for the breeding and find good homes for the puppies. I am openminded and humble. Successfully showing and breeding Löwchens requires not only the best breed typical dogs, also acknowledgement, patience, luck, guts and some good connections you can trust and co-operate with! Many thanks to all my Löwchen friends who have helped me in any way - and gonna do it on my way in the future!!

Finally I have to express hearty THANK YOU to my mother Grete who through all these years has taken great care of my dogs when I am out or travelling! Love you!!!

Have a nice day,