News, 30 December 2013
SLC Löwchen club show 27.7.2012

Judge Ann-Christin Örtbring, Irish Mist - xx entries

* May-Song Juventus: Junior class male #1, Best male #1, BIS #2, BOS Junior
* Lytta's Alexsander Man In Black: Absence
* May-Song Delineavit: Open class 4-8 years male #?

* May-Song Habetis Bona Deum: Intermediate class bitch #?
* May-Song Galaxia: Open class 2-4 years bitch, not placed
* Wanted Deeper Vision: Open class 4-8 years bitch #5

I came back from Ransäter show just after the Best Male class was finished...Great news to hear my young boy Ruben was number one!!!!!
Thank you very much, Berit & Jan Arne, who took excellent care of Ruben and handlet him until I was back!
Later Ruben went Best In Show number 2 and BOS Junior after Dennis and Jari's junior girl Pippa.
Thank you judge A Ch! You made my day complete!

The next day, 28.7. Ruben celebrated his first Birthday! He was born on last years SLC show:-)

Photo by SLC (pics back home with all the rosettes by me)